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HI--My name is Penelope, I go by Penny, but will answer to both.  I have been raising alpacas with my husband Doug in SW Missouri since 2008 on a family farm.  We recently purchased part of the farm and are still enjoying our alpacas.  Our first four alpacas were fiber boys and when we sheared them we sent the fiber to a mill and had it processed into yarn.  Then as time went on we learned how many other ways we could use this irresistible wonderfully soft, warm, hypo-allergenic, lightweight fiber.  I still send some off to a mill and have it processed into different forms to use in my daily work.  I also process some fiber myself.  I will first clean and skirt the fiber, wash, rinse, and dry it.  I usually dye my white fiber into numerous colors to use in my art.  I pick it and card it then let my creativity take over.  

I already knew how to crochet.  I have learned to needle felt, wet felt, and am currently trying my hand at weaving.  I started early on taking classes on techniques and how to make easy items out of fiber. I follow several fiber artists on U-Tube, facebook and instagram.  I am fascinated with the process of taking the fiber from the animal and making it into something you can wear or decorate your space with.  I continue to learn and build my skills to create such a unique product most people haven't heard of.

I also do custom work.  I have recently become a tester for new crochet patterns written.  I love the new stitches, challenge, and picking my crocheting up again after letting it lapse into half-done projects.  I am enjoying this craft again immensely.  I have made hats, scarves, mittens, shawls and blankets.  I have needle felted hats, bowls, flowers, home decor.  I have wet felted hats, mittens, soap, a bear nite lite, home decor.  I even made a lynx mask for Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center (Joplin Missouri) for an event they were having one year.  I also made the mascot for the Lazy Mule Lavender Farm--A Purple Mule.

I love talking to people about alpacas and educating them on the great qualities their fiber possesses. We offer farm tours to individuals or groups.  Contact us to set up a day and time for your personal tour of our farm. 417-310-0566-Penny's Cell.  417-317-9257-Farm Landline/answering machine.

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Monday, April 11, 2022