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My husband, Doug, and I-Penny-run WellSpring Acres Alpaca Farm.  We just purchased the 169 acre property (2021) we have been living on for the last 12 years.  This farm was originally part of the 250 acre family farm. The family farm bought its first four alpacas late 2007 and we brought them home in January 2008.  They were fiber boys.  We started out small because we did not know much about alpacas and were not sure if raising them was really for us.  We were the only family living on the family farm at this time.  We were putting fence up in the middle of winter with snow on the ground.  Doug and I both worked off the farm also.  

Needless to say we both fell in love with the boys.  Alpacas are  a very hardy, low maintenance animal.  More time is spent enjoying these curious creatures than cleaning up after them.  I am a retired OB Nurse and I decided we should try breeding so we bought a young male to start our breeding program--now we just needed some females.  

Within a year the farm purchased two females and then a package deal which came with several females and 2 males.  It was time to have babies.  And babies we had.  Our first 3 babies were girls and I had much to learn.  Our first female was born in April and having no idea what to name her she became April Dawn.  Then next came a female born in May and to stick with the theme she was named May May.  Our third female was a surprise and on a day in June you guessed it June Bug was born.  These 3 girls have remained on our farm from day 1 and have given us many babies over the years.  We lost our sweet June Bug in November of 2021.  She had a 5 month old cria still at her side nursing but he adjusted wonderfully with lots of attention from his 3 playmate crias he hung around with and one attentive female named SD.  We so aptly named him June Bug's Finale Cosmo. 

We continue to have babies and we do buy and sale the occasional alpaca.  We also continue to learn about these special animals that have captured our hearts.  I love the feel of alpaca fiber and love that it is so different than wool mainly hypoallergenic.  So many in my family have allergies.  I began taking fiber classes to make things with the fiber.  I already knew how to crochet.  Many of the products we sell in our farm store are made by me.  

We will continue to enjoy our alpacas as long as we are blessed to do so.  I will also continue to create special products from there fiber.  If you have questions about these special animals or how to use their fiber please contact us.  We are here to talk alpaca to anyone who wants to learn.


HUMMMS. . . . . . .


Doug and Penny


Thursday, October 6, 2022